100% proceeds go to child trafficking rescue and aftercare organizations.
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Take action against Child Exploitation

Rescue Our Children is a non-profit company taking action against pedophilia and child exploitation. 

Help us raise awareness of corrupt officials and businesses exploiting innocent children with us. Protect their innocence at all costs.

Our Story

AP clothing company is a direct action, employee-owned company of patriotic citizens. We believe in direct action through business and consumer choices to help reflect the American values of the community we hope to see. Over recent years, corporations and large company interests have superseded that of the individual and American culture as a whole.

The AP clothing company is a way for the average American to give voice against the corporations they don’t believe are healthy. Long ago, the elite and its businesses have put profit over the welfare of our American Republic. It is time for us to restore the integrity of our country, our community and culture through the create of direct action businesses. Direct action businesses take the spirit of “Business is War” as a literal sentiment … AP does not exist For Profit – quite the opposite – we use profit as ammunition to create change within our country.

To be blunt, we are the opposite of “SOROS” and so called “tolerance” movements. We are the intolerant and the unreasonable. We are the protectors of our faith and culture and we are ready for battle.

AP will incite the American Republic and its citizenry though the use of transparency and education. The purchase of our high quality products helps support our mission. Not unlike Project Veritas, The AP company creates direct and very real economic consequences for companies that hurt the American Republic. Every item sold is ammunition against the economic elite and their monolithic goals.

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